We are at MEPPROX are not the first in this field, but we aspire to be the best in terms of creativity. Our courage has been strengthened thanks to the confidence of our valued customers and employees in this company who have high level of practical and scientific experience.

We are always keen on the continuous training and hard work in the fields of technology, to prove that we are worthy of the trust of our customers and are keen to provide them the best.

Taking care of customers is a priority for us, as we aspire to always satisfy and provide them with the best at all levels, and follow up the latest technology and what invented by human in all areas, as we are keen to have presence in all international events in order to be the pioneers to provide the finest to our customers.

We have been working for years in order to be in the foreground, and we have our footprint in major local, regional, and international companies, and we are proud to put our expertise at your disposal. We strive to train our employees in major international companies, so as to seize the opportunities to absorb all that is new and gain experience and outstanding skills.

Our slogan is to take care of our customers and to provide advice and guidance to them, and meet what they need at the best price.

If you have any query/doubt, please contact us at any time, 24/7.